Saturday, September 29, 2012

I Can Do Hard Things!

I bought a chicken at the market the other day.  There was something sticking out of the neck, but I washed it and cooked it in my crock pot.  Sure enough, when it was finished, I found a foot!!!  The next chicken had two feet.

The third chicken had the worst surprise of all!  Yuck!

Monday, September 24, 2012

"Sisters in Zion"

Here are 2 of my new "sister" friends.  The one on the right was the first child baptized in Yaounde'.  She said there were 9 members when she was baptized.  I told her I was sure glad that I took her picture.  What a strong member she is.  The one on the left, only speaks English.  Isn't that funny?  I try to speak to them in French and they figure I know French, so they don't say anything else.  We are the first couple here in Yaounde' who haven't spoken French, so everyone thinks that we speak French.  Our Bastos 1 Branch, is 1/2 English and 1/2 French.  You will hear the meeting prayers in both and also the speakers in both.  They also sing in both languages.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Zone Conference Sept. 2012

Here is a picture of us with our 8 Elders whom we look after.  They are good Elders and we have grown to love them.  President and Sister Jameson were here for Zone Conference.  They fly in from Kinshasa, which is 2 hours away by plane.  They stay in our apartment, where we have an extra bedroom for them.  Elder Mpungu is from Congo, Elder Rakitoriosoa is from Madagascar.  The other 6 Elders are from USA.  Elder Christensen and Elder Mpungu were going to sing in Church the next day, so I recorded just a bit of their singing.  The Africans can sing.  They sing loud and lots of times in harmony, and frequently without a piano.  Enjoy!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ensign Celebrities

We knew that our picture was to be published on the back of the Ensign, but we weren't sure what month.  We thought it quite "coincidental" that it came out in September, the same month we started our mission in Africa, plus the African people are on the front of the Ensign.  It was fun to see the faces of the people here when they realized it was us on the back of their Le Liahonas.

We were riding the Bamboo train in Cambodia.  DeLynn and Vicki Yeates, now serving in Cambodia,  sent us an email.  "Imagine our surprise to see the picture of you riding the bamboo train.  We had just ridden it the same day we saw your picture."

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Arriving in Yaounde', Cameroon, Africa

We arrived on September 1, 2012.  Elder/Sister Evanson were here to greet us.  They took us under their wing for 3 days, then they returned home to Canada.  Here we are at "La Salsa" where they treated us to lunch.