Saturday, June 29, 2013

Farewell to Elders Addington, Hoiland and Schmid

We said goodbye this week to 3 of our Elders.  We had a "farewell" dinner on Monday, then took them last night for a late night flight.  They will be missed, but we also know their families will be so excited to have them home again.  They have served well.
Here they are with their "game faces" on.  Funny Elders!  This was before transfers on Thursday.  In the pictures below, we have our new Elders.

They look so sharp in their suit coats.  We don't usually see them wearing them.

Good bye Elders.  Well Done!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Missing Guards

Every once in awhile, our guard is MIA and Sister Whitesides has to get out and open the gate.  Today was pouring rain, but we needed to get to District Meeting.  The guards were no where to be seen.  Good thing that we just received a package from home.  The box came in handy, since we don't own an umbrella.

Welcome Elder Leavitt and Transfers

Elder Leavitt has arrived safely - but not in Yaounde'.  He got off the plane in Douala instead of Yaounde' and called the Gailey's after looking for a couple of hours for someone to pick him up.

Meanwhile, Whitesides and Elders Addington and McGrath were waiting at the Yaounde' airport.  We received a phone call from Elder Gailey that went something like this:

Elder Gailey:  Where are you?  Elder Leavitt has been looking for you for 2 hours.
Sister Whitesides:  We are right here at the airport.  I'm not sure how we missed him.  We have been here for 1 hour.
Elder Gailey:  He said he is going to go out and wait in the front of the airport.
Sister Whitesides:  We don't see him.  We are all spread out, searching in both directions.  Are you sure he is in Yaounde'?
Elder Gailey:  Well, I didn't think to ask him if he was.  I'll try calling the man back whose phone Elder Leavitt used.
Elder Gailey:  He's here in Douala.  We'll go pick him up.
Where is Elder Leavitt?

We picked up our new transferring Elders yesterday.  Elder Leavitt came up with them.  We are always happy to see them arrive.  They come on the bus to us from Douala, which is a 4 hour bus ride.  We welcomed Elder Graham, Elder Gelinas and Elder Leavitt as well.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Filling Gaz Tanks

The Ekounou Elders needed 2 of their tanks filled, so we take them in our car.  It was pouring rain.  The man who sells the propane recognizes us and brought the tanks to us, even though we motioned for him to wait for the rain to stop.  You can see Elders Rambeloson and Elder Davis taking shelter under the back of the van.  When we got back to their apartment, they had to carry the heavy tanks up three floors.  Elder Rambeloson asked if we could move them to an apartment with an elevator.  Funny Elders!

Plumber Visit

We had to have the plumber come over to fix a leaky toilet.  He came again to change all the floats in the tank, because they were sticking.  The third time he came, he came to replace our sink, which had a crack in it.  This time, we had to go with him to buy the new sink, because he had no way to carry it.  We went to this place (see below), but he wasn't sure the sink would match, so we went back to our apartment to get the old sink to bring it back and compare.  Of course, we had to stop by his house to pick up his tools, so that he could take off the old sink. This reminds me of a Sesame Street book I used to read to my children.  Anyway, 5 hours later, we have a new shiny sink.  New because I had President Bala tell the plumber we didn't want a "used" one, even though it would be more expensive.  They couldn't understand that, but I do.  Did I mention, that he spoke little English?  Simple things are not easy here.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


We found the biggest, pinkest grapefruit yesterday.  It is yummy!  Can you believe how big it is?
They are sitting on dinner plates!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Elder and Sister Bybee Visit

Elder and Sister Bybee, the Public Affairs couple from Kinshasa, came to visit.  We were their "taxi" for the 3 days they were here.  They met with many interesting people, including this woman.  She runs her own business and helps women and children.  She took us to visit her village, Minka.  It took most of one day. 

All the village people came over and listened to Elder Bybee tell them about our Church.  I thought  how much our young Elders would have loved visiting and teaching these people about our Church.  It is just too far away for them to come here.  One day, though!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Goodbye to President and Soeur Jameson

We had our last Zone Conference today with President and Soeur Jameson.  We will miss them.  They have been great.  We always love to have them visit and teach us.  After Zone Conference they took us all out to lunch to a restaurant called L'awale' where we all enjoyed Steak au poivre.  Yummy!  Here are a few pictures from today.

A little blurry, but they always love to do a "crazy" picture.
This picture was taken later that night.  President Jameson had been in long meetings all day and we had just finished a late dinner.  He was embarrassed that he didn't have his tie on, so Elder Whitesides took his tie off to match.

Good bye Jamesons.  We love you!  Thank you for your wonderful service!

Monday, June 3, 2013

"High On A Mountain Top"

We just about have all new Elders, so we decided to take this new group to Mt. Febe', where Elder Holland dedicated the land of Cameroon.  We reviewed the prayer that was given and sang "High On A Mountain Top". The Spirit was strong.  Then, we had ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch.  Here are some of the pictures.  Enjoy!
Yes, 12 of us in our little van.  Thankfully, Mt. Febe' is close to our apartment.  Elder Hoiland has a big smile, because I just got out and he has the front seat to himself.  Elder Masse' and Elder Davis hung their heads out of the windows as we drove to make a little more room.

We dropped them off and they are headed to the Internet Cafe to send emails home.  They are such good Elders.  We love them all!  It was a great day.  (I gave them haircuts earlier in the day.  They are all looking sharp for Zone Conference and the Mission President's last visit on Thursday.)