Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Eleven Baptisms

We had 11 baptisms last Saturday.  Our Elders have been working hard.  There were 6 in Bastos and 5 in Ekounou.  Our very own Richard, his wife and 10 year old son were baptized.  Richard found the Gospel when he read the Liahonas that we gave to our guards in our building.  He asked us for more pamphlets and then we finally gave him a Book of Mormon.  When we saw him reading his Book of Mormon every day, we asked him if he had any questions.  He said he was writing them down.  We told him there were some young missionaries who could answer all his questions.  He just soaked up everything they taught him.  They are a great family and we are so excited for them.  Here are some pictures:

I had to add this picture of this darling little girl.  After she was baptized, she put on this beautiful dress. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fond Farewells

It has been a week of goodbyes.  We will always remember these sweet people.  They will always be in our hearts.  Our lives are forever changed because of meeting them.  We pray the Lord will continue to bless them and the Gospel will continue to grow here in Cameroon.  Here are just a few pictures of the people we have grown to love.

Emmanuel and Gaetan
Frere Jimmy
Murielle and Natalie
President Mochie, Ekounou Branch President
The Primary President in Ekounou 1
Our District Presidency
Ruth - the Choir Director

Farewell Dinner

We had our Farewell dinner, as well as Elder Porter's farewell dinner, last night.  We took them out for Pepper Steak, rather than me cooking.  It has been hard to say good bye to the people, but it is twice as hard to say goodbye to these good Elders.  I know some of them look at our blog, so I give them my final words - "Be Exactly Obedient and don't forget to take your Doxy!  And Elder Lavering, stop drinking the water ;)"

Some random pictures.  These two helped us carry some boxes to our apartment, so I fed them pancakes.
Elder Whitesides is balancing the "Working Fund" with Elder Lavering.  The others are enjoying the balloons we just brought them.  They are reaping the benefit of us cleaning out our apartment.

Elder Naughton's new hat!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Final Zone Conference

Elder Porter, the Zone Leader, conducted Zone Conference with President and Sister Cook.  It's always fun to have the Elders in our apartment.  Zone Conference is a fun time, as well as a spiritual lift.  I could hardly sing the closing song as I listened to them sing, "Ye Elders of Israel".  I will miss these good Elders.

I asked everyone to wash their own dishes.  What a good idea.  Why didn't I think of this before?  Elder Johnston said that they would tell the next Sister what I made them do and tell her, "If you want us to really love you, you won't make us wash our own dishes."  Silly Elders. 
There are still some who go above and beyond.  Elder Naughton helped until the pans were washed.  I didn't get his picture.
A lot of our time is spent waiting for President Cook do interviews.
I've perfected the African scarf.  Sister Cook let me practice on her.
Saying goodbye to Pres. Cook, Elder Porter finishes his Mission a week after we do.

A 5th Branch in Yaounde'

President and Sister Cook came for District Conference.  While here, President Cook split the Ekounou 1 Branch.  We now have 5 branches in Yaounde'.  For those who will want to know, we still have Bastos 1 and Bastos 2.  In Ekounou we have Ekounou (formally Ekounou 2), Mimboman, and Anguissa (formally Ekounou 1)  Our missionaries are working hard and doing their part to "hasten the work".  Elder Mabaya, an Area Seventy, also came for District Conference.  Here are some pictures.
The District Relief Society President.  Sister Cook and I had just finished Auxiliary Training.  I spoke on service, and squirted a dab of lotion in their hands and had them give each other a hand massage.  They loved it!
This is Brother and Sister Omam.  While their son is serving a mission Kinshasa, we have seen Brother Omam baptized, along with 3 more of his children.  They are an awesome family.  Brother Omam speaks English.  Sister Omam and I just hug a lot and speak with our "hearts".

Elder Whitesides always greets these twins as "Strong Man".  They have become good friends.

We love to see our missionaries in force.
The new Anguissa Branch President, our friend Daniel
Love these twins!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Random Pictures

One of our assignments is to keep each apartment current with new water filters.  Here is Elder Naughton showing the difference between a clean filter and a dirty one.  Our drinking water is filtered.  No wonder we can't get our shirts white.
"I'll go where you want me to go, Dear Lord"
We love to buy these peanuts.  We stop and they just shove them in the window, hoping you will pick their bottle.  The women and children sell them along the streets.  Yesterday, the lady was nursing her baby when we pulled up.  That didn't stop her.  She continued nursing as she jumped up to sell her bottle to us.  That's what I call multi-tasking Sisters.
We had to go fill propane tanks with our Ekounou Elders after District Meeting.  Each apartment has 3 tanks and we try to keep 2 full.  The place we buy them is a ways away, so we take the Elders with us in our car.  I shot this picture as I followed Elder Naughton and Elder Whitesides to the car.  We can't usually find a parking spot at their apartment, so we park down the street.
This is a picture of Marche' Central.  It is a crazy busy place to drive through.  Our Elders go here to buy souvenirs.
We all buy minutes for our phones at little stands like this one.
Need a new bucket.  Find this bucket man walking along the streets.