Thursday, October 31, 2013

Well Done Elder Graham

We get so attached to these Elders.  It is hard to see them go, but we are so excited for them to complete their mission and head home.  Elder Graham is a good missionary.  He is loved by all - the people, the missionaries - and the Senior Couples.  The other Elders planned a surprise on P-Day.  They told him they were going to play soccer, but really, ended up at the Golf Course to hit some golf balls, something they knew Elder Graham would be excited about.

These goats were hanging out on the driving range.  The started to run, when one of the balls hit them.

That night, we had a farewell dinner for Elder Graham.  It was also close to Halloween, so I told them if they would bring a "trick", I would have a "treat" for them.  We laughed and laughed at the many things that were shared.

Elder Naughton stood on his hands and bobbed for his apple.  

Elder Whitesides decided he would see how long he could stay under the water.
To finish up the night, we have them form two lines and say their farewells.  It is just a small tribute of a job well-done and how much they will be missed.

We love you, Elder Graham.  Well Done!
Oh yes, the treats!!  They were so surprised.  Thanks for bringing them from the USA to us, Jeff Gibb.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

General Conference - October 2013

They showed General Conference in Church on Sunday.  They show it in English in one room, and French in the Chapel.  Elder Naughton and Elder Hunt joined us.  Some of the people in the Branch speak English, so they like to listen in English as well.  After Elder Nelson's talk was over, Armstrong turned around and said, "That was the most powerful talk".  It always makes me a little homesick when I see the beautiful Conference Center.  It's always such a boost to listen to Conference.  What an awesome Church we belong to.

Muriel Earns Her Keyboard!

This is Muriel.  She is the Primary President in her Branch.  She is also my top piano student.  She has never missed a lesson.  She has been taking piano from me for one year.  Sunday, she played the prelude in Sacrament Meeting.  That is the requirement to earn a keyboard.  She is very humble and grateful.  She will tell me, "The Lord blesses me, so that I can come to the Church and learn how to play the piano."  She has also promised me that she will now start to be the teacher.  I will continue to teach her for one hour, then when I leave to go help the choir, she will continue to help the other students.  It also takes her one hour to "walk" to Church.  She is a strong member.  I'm so proud of her!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

P-Day at the Primate Park

We visited the Mefou Primate Park this week.  It is run by Ape Action Africa.  They rescue orphaned and injured gorillas and chimpanzees.  They work with the communities to ensure long-term solutions for survival in the wild.  President Olinga and President Bala, from the District Presidency, drove a truck and helped us transport 4 of the Elders.  We took the other 6 with us.  President Olinga led the way, which is truly a dirt road through the jungle.  It had rained the night before, so the muddy road was slick.  President Olinga tells the story that the Elders were making him laugh, and he wasn't paying attention as they were driving along.  Unfortunately, they started sliding off the road.  Thank goodness, we carried an army of Elders to help push him back up onto the road and we were safely on our way.  Enjoy the pictures!

This is President Olinga.  He is the First Counselor in the District Presidency.  He is so good with our Elders.  They tell us he is just like their older brother.  He was a young missionary once, so he loves to take good care of them.
This is President Bala, our District President.  He is such a humble man and has a great testimony.  He speaks English, which surprised the Elders.  He always speaks to them in French.  He helps us with any of our needs.

They always warn us that the apes will throw "poop".  Sure enough, for some reason I was the target.  He blindsided me and I didn't see it coming.  

A satisfied ape!  Not a fair fight.  I can't throw back ;)

We enjoyed tuna fish sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies and apples for lunch.