Thursday, October 31, 2013

Well Done Elder Graham

We get so attached to these Elders.  It is hard to see them go, but we are so excited for them to complete their mission and head home.  Elder Graham is a good missionary.  He is loved by all - the people, the missionaries - and the Senior Couples.  The other Elders planned a surprise on P-Day.  They told him they were going to play soccer, but really, ended up at the Golf Course to hit some golf balls, something they knew Elder Graham would be excited about.

These goats were hanging out on the driving range.  The started to run, when one of the balls hit them.

That night, we had a farewell dinner for Elder Graham.  It was also close to Halloween, so I told them if they would bring a "trick", I would have a "treat" for them.  We laughed and laughed at the many things that were shared.

Elder Naughton stood on his hands and bobbed for his apple.  

Elder Whitesides decided he would see how long he could stay under the water.
To finish up the night, we have them form two lines and say their farewells.  It is just a small tribute of a job well-done and how much they will be missed.

We love you, Elder Graham.  Well Done!
Oh yes, the treats!!  They were so surprised.  Thanks for bringing them from the USA to us, Jeff Gibb.

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  1. Its so wonderful to see the love they share between them. Thank you for posting pictures. It soothes a mama's heart to see those happy faces. Bless you for your love and efforts with our boys.