Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

It just happened to be Elder Whitesides' birthday as well, so we celebrated big time.  We enjoyed watching the Elders eat "steak au pouive" at L'awale'.  We had the restaurant to ourselves, so it always feels very private.  The Elders gave Elder Whitesides a tie, which they had all signed on the back.  They sang to him in English, French, and Spanish.  Pretty impressive.  After, we traveled back to our apartment and had potluck desserts.  You can see by the picture that we didn't lack for sweets.  We had fun with games and a movie.
Enjoy the pictures.

Sorry Elder Zurcher and Elder Whitesides.
 I didn't notice you were standing behind a tree ;)

Banana Cream Pie, Brownies, Chocolate Cake, Bread Pudding, Corn Flake Crunchies, Chocolate Ganache and Caramel Apple Suckers.  Yummy!  These Elders are amazing cooks.

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