Friday, November 9, 2012


Here are some of my piano students.  Every week, there is usually a new student or 2 coming to join us.  I have just decided to teach "group" lessons.  It works pretty well.  They just take turns on the keyboard.  It is actually good, because they help each other understand what I'm trying to explain to them in my simple French.   The need is so great here.  

Marlysse, on my left, asked me to teach her English.  She just returned from her mission.  I told her I would, if she would teach me French.   Hopefully that works for both of us.  Rose, on my right, is leaving this month to be married in the Salt Lake Temple and live in Chicago.  We have been teaching her the Temple Prep classes.

Vanessa is my most advanced student.  She plays for Sacrament meetings - unless she can talk me into it and then she leads the music.

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