Wednesday, November 7, 2012


We have a baptism every other week.  The work is moving right along here in Yaounde'.  Last week, the Elders baptized a family of 6.

This is Natasha with Elder Nash.  She was the first baptism we saw here.  She found the Gospel when she saw a friend, who always hung out with their group, changing his habits.  He no longer drank beer and his attitude was changing.  She was so impressed, she asked him why he had made the change.  He introduced her to the missionaries.  What an influence our friends have us and we on them.  Natasha always finds us and greets us.
  I always say, "Mon Ami".  (My friend)  

Here are the baptism clothes.  They are locked in a closet to which we have the key.  Sweet Sister Evanson, before we came, washed and organized them according to size.  I can size up the candidate easily.  I then have to take the wet suits and towel home to wash.  The 6 baptisms took me 4 loads with my small washer.

Here are the "changing" rooms.  I must admit, I was a little creeped out about the peeling paint and musty smell.  This past week, when we stopped by the Church, all the paint had been scraped off and they are painting the whole Church.  I'm so excited to see this room get a face-lift.  Maybe I'll even walk inside.

The Baptismal Font
Our missionaries average about 5 baptisms a month.

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