Monday, December 17, 2012

Changing the Oil

We knew this day was coming.  We were both a little apprehensive about  getting the oil changed in the car.  We learned how to ask "will you change the oil"? in French and then set out for the Total station.  We pulled right in and the man spoke English, for which we were grateful.  While we were waiting, he was asking about our badges and what we were doing in Cameroon.  It gave us a chance to share our testimony with him.  I gave him a Joseph Smith pamphlet and a Le Liahona, but they were both in French.  He asked if I had one in English, but I didn't.  I told him I would bring an English one back to him and gave the French ones to his co-worker.  We gave them a good tip, because we know we will be back.  Hopefully, the best "tip" was that we have the true Church. 

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  1. I thought that usually when you go somewhere to get your oil changed that the point was for them to climb underneath the vehicle and do all the work... If so, what is Elder Whitesides doing down in the hole?