Monday, December 3, 2012

Mount Febe'

Today for P-day, we took our 10 Elders with us to Mt. Febe'.  This is the spot where Elder Holland came and dedicated the land of Cameroon.  We sang "High On a Mountain Top".  What a choice Spirit was felt as those Elders sang at the top of their voices.  

That's right I typed 10 Elders.  We welcomed Elder Masse from Oregon this past week.  We evened things out with Elder Batoum, from Bastos.  He will serve as a "Branch Missionary" until Elder Waite goes home in January.

We ate a lunch of peanut butter sandwiches, something that is a rare treat here in Yaounde'.  Also cookies and apples were served, something else that they don't get a lot of.  We love to spoil these Elders.  They work hard and it is nice to give them a little boost where we can.

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