Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Rendez-vous

The Elders are teaching a woman who speaks English.  She is ready to be baptized, but she and her husband are not "legally" married, so she is waiting for her husband to pay the "dote" to her parents, which is an agreed upon amount of money.  Lately, she has been a little frustrated with him.  She told us, "My baptism is in his hands.  I will not leave him, but we sit at Church and pretend we are happy, when at home I am mad at him."  So, the Elders asked us to come visit with them.  They are both happy people.  We asked him to set a date to get the "dote" paid.  She thanked us for bringing a happy Spirit to her home.  I snapped a quick picture in the entrance to her home.  Elder Masse' and Elder Whitesides are just stepping out of her home.

Here's a picture from the last time we visited.  It shows the small room we meet in.  They are pretty well off from the looks of the computer and couches.  In the other corner is her cooktop where she cooks.  She fed us dinner last time and we ate on this table. 


  1. It's so interesting to see their living conditions both inside and out. Hopefully they can get baptized soon. That would be frustrating. I feel bad for the lady!

  2. I love your blog!! But I miss you two . . . be safe. We love you!!