Sunday, February 24, 2013

Buying New Mattresses

We are adding 2 new Elders in the Ekounou apartment, which meant that we needed to buy 2 new mattresses.  How we long for RC Willey's where we could just go pick out our new mattresses.  Our first stop, we got out of the car and I was surrounded by 15 men trying to get me to come to their shop.  After about 15 minutes, Elder Whitesides motioned for me to come to the car.  We drove to another shop.  It was pretty quiet and we soon learned why.  The man was asleep on his mattresses.  I woke him up and we started to barter on the price.  I'm sure he was happy with the final price and I was happy that I talked him down some - even though I know we are charged a lot more because we are "white".  He was happy to have his picture taken as he helped Elder Whitesides load the mattresses.

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