Sunday, February 17, 2013

Senior Couples Conference - Sunday

On Sunday, we attended Church in one of the Ward buildings.  They have 7  Stakes in Kinshasa and beautiful buildings for most to attend.  We were quite the crowd of Seniors with there being 16 of us.  The Church is doing well in Kinshasa.

We were also able to visit the future Temple site.

I took a picture of this little tree.  I am wondering if it will be here, once the Temple is built.  I'll be watching for it in the finished pictures of the Temple.
That night, we had a dinner and a fireside.  President Jameson taught us from the  scriptures.

At the end of the fireside President and Sister Jameson gave each couple a statue. They were made by an elder's quorum president in Kinshasa. It took him several months to get them all made because during that time his young sister died and then his young adult daughter drown when her boat capsized while crossing the Congo. They gave us each a copy of the picture of the carver sitting in the Mission Home with all the statues. The  statues are of priesthood holders blessing a child. Since almost all couples have a grandchild born while they're on their mission, they thought this was fitting. Even more meaningfully, they wanted the figures to represent the blessing that senior missionaries are to the infant church in Africa. As missionaries we have the opportunity to bless the infant church using our experience, knowledge and love for those we serve.

It was a wonderful Conference.  It took us 3 days to return back home again.  One to cross the Congo River, one to fly from Brazzaville to Douala, then a 4 hour drive to Yaounde'. Our plane landed in time for us to make the drive and save a night in Douala.  It was good to be home again.  The best news was that our new water pump had finally arrived and we now have consistent water.  We'll keep our fingers crossed.

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