Thursday, June 20, 2013

Plumber Visit

We had to have the plumber come over to fix a leaky toilet.  He came again to change all the floats in the tank, because they were sticking.  The third time he came, he came to replace our sink, which had a crack in it.  This time, we had to go with him to buy the new sink, because he had no way to carry it.  We went to this place (see below), but he wasn't sure the sink would match, so we went back to our apartment to get the old sink to bring it back and compare.  Of course, we had to stop by his house to pick up his tools, so that he could take off the old sink. This reminds me of a Sesame Street book I used to read to my children.  Anyway, 5 hours later, we have a new shiny sink.  New because I had President Bala tell the plumber we didn't want a "used" one, even though it would be more expensive.  They couldn't understand that, but I do.  Did I mention, that he spoke little English?  Simple things are not easy here.

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