Monday, June 3, 2013

"High On A Mountain Top"

We just about have all new Elders, so we decided to take this new group to Mt. Febe', where Elder Holland dedicated the land of Cameroon.  We reviewed the prayer that was given and sang "High On A Mountain Top". The Spirit was strong.  Then, we had ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch.  Here are some of the pictures.  Enjoy!
Yes, 12 of us in our little van.  Thankfully, Mt. Febe' is close to our apartment.  Elder Hoiland has a big smile, because I just got out and he has the front seat to himself.  Elder Masse' and Elder Davis hung their heads out of the windows as we drove to make a little more room.

We dropped them off and they are headed to the Internet Cafe to send emails home.  They are such good Elders.  We love them all!  It was a great day.  (I gave them haircuts earlier in the day.  They are all looking sharp for Zone Conference and the Mission President's last visit on Thursday.)


  1. Thanks for the pictures. Elder Hatch shared how much this experience meant to him, but he didn't send any pictures. He looks mighty handsome with that haircut! Thanks for doing that for these Elders :)

  2. You are both wonderful with the Elders. What a great experience. I think I need to change the my blog name. Life in Cambodia is over and in a couple of years, we will be somewhere else on a mission. I wonder if we will get sent back to Asia, or do Africa such as you! I love looking at your blog and reading what is going on with you both. You are doing much good!