Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Meeting President and Soeur Cook

We had a "Meet the President" Zone Conference with President and Soeur Cook on Tuesday.  So, Monday was haircuts and clean the apartments day.  I was so proud of our Elders.  They looked so sharp and their apartments were so clean.  We enjoyed our visit with President and Soeur Cook.  They have such a hectic travel schedule, with 5 countries in our Mission.  We love it when they come to visit.
Elder Davis

Elder Graham

Elder Leavitt - our newest Elder

Elder McGrath

Elder Gelinas

Elder Zurcher

Elder Hatch

I had my timer set, but I must have not set it right, so I just had to finally snap the picture.


  1. Loved seeing all the elders getting groomed. Boy are they lucky to have you. (in so many ways) Loved the picture too. Things just go on. You take out one couple and drop in another and things don't miss a beat. Isn't the Lord's work amazing! We love and miss you.

  2. Thanks so much for keeping us updated!!! I'm Elder Leavitts older sister and we all miss and love him so much and are relieved to see him smiling and taken care of. Thank you thank you thank you!!!