Sunday, February 23, 2014

Farewell Dinner

We had our Farewell dinner, as well as Elder Porter's farewell dinner, last night.  We took them out for Pepper Steak, rather than me cooking.  It has been hard to say good bye to the people, but it is twice as hard to say goodbye to these good Elders.  I know some of them look at our blog, so I give them my final words - "Be Exactly Obedient and don't forget to take your Doxy!  And Elder Lavering, stop drinking the water ;)"

Some random pictures.  These two helped us carry some boxes to our apartment, so I fed them pancakes.
Elder Whitesides is balancing the "Working Fund" with Elder Lavering.  The others are enjoying the balloons we just brought them.  They are reaping the benefit of us cleaning out our apartment.

Elder Naughton's new hat!

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  1. As Elder Johnston's parents, we just want to thank you for all you've done for our son and all the Elders there. It's been so wonderful to read your blog and feel of your love for those boys. It comforts a parent's heart. Your service is appreciated.