Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Final Zone Conference

Elder Porter, the Zone Leader, conducted Zone Conference with President and Sister Cook.  It's always fun to have the Elders in our apartment.  Zone Conference is a fun time, as well as a spiritual lift.  I could hardly sing the closing song as I listened to them sing, "Ye Elders of Israel".  I will miss these good Elders.

I asked everyone to wash their own dishes.  What a good idea.  Why didn't I think of this before?  Elder Johnston said that they would tell the next Sister what I made them do and tell her, "If you want us to really love you, you won't make us wash our own dishes."  Silly Elders. 
There are still some who go above and beyond.  Elder Naughton helped until the pans were washed.  I didn't get his picture.
A lot of our time is spent waiting for President Cook do interviews.
I've perfected the African scarf.  Sister Cook let me practice on her.
Saying goodbye to Pres. Cook, Elder Porter finishes his Mission a week after we do.

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