Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A 5th Branch in Yaounde'

President and Sister Cook came for District Conference.  While here, President Cook split the Ekounou 1 Branch.  We now have 5 branches in Yaounde'.  For those who will want to know, we still have Bastos 1 and Bastos 2.  In Ekounou we have Ekounou (formally Ekounou 2), Mimboman, and Anguissa (formally Ekounou 1)  Our missionaries are working hard and doing their part to "hasten the work".  Elder Mabaya, an Area Seventy, also came for District Conference.  Here are some pictures.
The District Relief Society President.  Sister Cook and I had just finished Auxiliary Training.  I spoke on service, and squirted a dab of lotion in their hands and had them give each other a hand massage.  They loved it!
This is Brother and Sister Omam.  While their son is serving a mission Kinshasa, we have seen Brother Omam baptized, along with 3 more of his children.  They are an awesome family.  Brother Omam speaks English.  Sister Omam and I just hug a lot and speak with our "hearts".

Elder Whitesides always greets these twins as "Strong Man".  They have become good friends.

We love to see our missionaries in force.
The new Anguissa Branch President, our friend Daniel
Love these twins!

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  1. We want to thank you for taking such good care of the missionaries. We do appreciate all you have done for them in Africa. We wish you a safe journey home to your family.
    Pat and Judy Naughton - Elder Naughton's Grandparents