Saturday, October 6, 2012

District Primary Training

Sister Jameson asked me to show a DVD to train the Primary Presidents in the District.  I made a flyer and had the Elders correct it for me.  After a few tries, it was ready to be handed out.  On Saturday, we did the training.  I felt like it was a success.  There were 7 sisters in all.  While we were waiting, Seour Mireille (on my right) told me her conversion story.  It was so touching.  I will share it with you.  In 2005, her brother was walking along the road and found a pamphlet telling of Joseph Smith's story.  He didn't finish going where he was headed.  Instead, he turned around and took the pamphlet home.  They all read it and liked what they read.  They told him, "You go back out tomorrow and find the Church where that pamphlet is from".  The next morning, he went out in search of the true Church.  He saw some Elders on the street and asked them if they knew anything about the pamphlet.  The Elders taught him, his Mother, Mireille and her 2 daughters.  They were baptized after the first lesson.  She told me that it was a "miracle".  There are many wonderful conversion stories here.  I wish that I could speak French, so that I could understand them all.  Mireille was my translator for the class.  I would say, "Tell them that" and she would say, "okay, okay. and smile".  There turned out to be 2 other sisters that could speak a little English.  Between us all, we got along okay.  They all want to improve the music in their primaries, so we are meeting on Fridays to learn the piano.  I'm going to teach them about leading and we will sing some primary songs each week.  I know the Lord will bless them to learn quickly, so that they can teach the primary children.  I served apples for refreshments.  They were thrilled.  (Look at my table.  Can you believe I forgot to bring a cloth for it?)

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  1. Whenever I trained, I seldom remembered a cloth because we were always in such a hurry. However, towards the end, I did remember one in the Phnom Penh districts. I learned it wasn't the end of the world as long as the spirit was there for the training. That's what they remembered. It sounds like your Training was wonderful. How great you can teach the Primary songs and teach them to lead. I"m excited for all your experiences you are having an all the good you two are doing. I love the blog. It's a great read. We could easily end up in Africa too when we sign up to go. We shall see. I still have a few years left before I worry about leaving again. Love you.