Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Visiting Douala

We drove 4 hours to visit Elder/Soeur Gailey in Douala.  We had a great visit with them.  Here are some of the pictures that we took along the way.

This is a landmark that we use.  It's the "bridge to nowhere".  Someone must  have started building it years ago and then abandoned it.  We are always happy to see the bridge and know we are on the right road.

Look how big these logs are!

These statues are just out side of Douala as we cross this bridge.  They represent the workers of Cameroon.

Just happy to have a ride.  Hopefully, they aren't someone's dinner!

Douala is on the coast.  Here we are with Mount Cameroon in the background.

One of the highlights of serving a mission are the great friends you meet.
 We haven't been disappointed.  We love the Gailey's.  They are from Morgan.
We get along splendidly and have had many enjoyable times together.
 Thanks for serving with us Gailey's.

Sister Gailey took me shopping to a great Marche'.  The top pictures we are holding are made from butterfly wings.  They were gorgeous   I love to "barter" and we learned that they will come down quite a bit, especially if you are willing to walk away.  We couldn't walk away from the butterfly pictures.  The bottom picture is a tablecloth that this lady makes.  I bought this one.  Elder Gailey and Elder Whitesides are sitting in the corner on a chair waiting patiently.  The owners had us sit down and look through their entire collection.
It was great fun!
Beautiful Jungles of Africa

We are not sure what these are, but they were for sale along the way.  We saw monkeys and muskrats as well, but didn't have our camera ready fast enough. 
This is a waterfall we saw as we crossed a bridge.

All along the way are little "markets" where you can buy things.  We bought bananas as we went through one town.  They came right to the window.
Who said they don't have fast food in Africa?

More beautiful country.  Thanks for the fun visit Gailey's.  We loved visiting Douala.

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  1. Gorgeous pictures. Mom, I am pretty sure that you have the wrong name tag on in a couple of those pictures. Funny.