Thursday, October 11, 2012


The traffic here is crazy.  There are hundreds of little yellow taxis.  They stop quickly in front of you to pick up someone who is looking for a ride.  It's the main transportation for the people.  Elder Whitesides is a pro at driving through it all.  Yaounde' is hilly, so we are often stopped in traffic on a hill and we have a clutch.  I've seen him pull the brake on and maneuver sitting on a hill, waiting for the traffic to clear, one foot at a time.  He claims it is harder than Cambodia, but they are both equally as stressful for me.  The Gailey's tell us that Douala has moto taxis, which congest the traffic.  I'm sure we will be familiar with those when we see them, for that is what we had in Cambodia.  There are a few traffic lights, which we are becoming familiar with, but there is usually one on the left for the left lane and one on the right for the right lane, so you have to be able to read which light is turning for you.  We are grateful that the police here don't bother us.  Sister Jameson did tell us that when a policeman dies, his wife puts on his uniform and then she is a policewoman.  We see quite a few women police.

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  1. THis makes me think of the phrase they used in Cambodia. Same, same, but different!