Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's Day

Our 10 Elders came early this morning  for haircuts.  We had cereal and muffins waiting for them, but since it was April Fools Day, we also had some brownies waiting for them.  They were so excited, until they saw the brown "E"s.  April Fools!

We did haircut pictures once before, but some of our Elders have changed.  Here are the current Elders.   Even the 2 Elders from Madagascar wanted one.  I'm not sure they will come back ;)

 I ended up cutting 10 heads of hair - that's including Elder Whitesides.

It's P-Day!


  1. I love the brown E's! That is a good idea. I can't believe you cut 10 heads of hair! You must have been exhausted. Good for you though:)

  2. Thanks for making my boy look so clean cut! Love the pictures :)