Thursday, April 11, 2013

General Priesthood Session

We invited our Elders over on Sunday night to watch the Priesthood Session.   We had Root beer floats and cookies.  The night before, we fed them Cajun Chicken Pasta for dinner as we tried to watch the first session of Saturday, but our internet didn't cooperate.  We will watch all the sessions with the Branches on the 20th and 21st.  Here are a few pictures.

Elder Masse' and Elder Hoiland came early and asked to help.  I had Elder Masse' make the Koolaid.  He chose Black Cherry Koolaid - a family favorite!  This picture is especially for his Mom whom he "adores"!


  1. Always love your photos!! We love hearing how the Elders are doing. Thank you so much! Sis. Masse

  2. Thanks for taking good care of Elder Hatch. He is our grandson and, as you know, is very precious. Pres. Jameson used to be our stake president, and we served in the Johannesburg mission with several Elders from the DRC - we have lots of connections to the Kinshasa mission.