Thursday, April 11, 2013


This is Miriam.  She is the Primary President in Bastos 1 Branch.  She can also speak English, so she is always helping me.  She has told me her conversion story before and I told about it in an earlier blog of October 6, 2012, "District Primary Training".  She is also one of my piano students.  I have been teaching piano 7 months and she has never missed a lesson.  She is so determined to be able to learn how to play.  She is definitely one of my best students.  As we were leaving lessons last Friday, she told me she was walking and she had much to carry.  I asked her how long it would take her to walk home.  "One hour", she answered without even blinking.  So, she walks one hour every Friday for piano lessons.  She comes an hour early so that she can get the keyboard from the District President and practice.  Then we do piano lessons from 3-5 and she stays the entire time.  She then walks the hour home.  Oh, and we can never begin or end piano lessons without a prayer.  She is a great example to me.  

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  1. What a neat lady. That's so cool you get to teach them piano. I love that they take it so seriously.