Saturday, May 25, 2013

Celebration March

As we were driving to the Bus Station this morning to pick up some passports sent on the bus from Douala, we came across several crowds of people.  They were holding "I Love Jesus" signs.  They were dressed in the colors of Cameroon and dancing as they went.  It must have been some kind of a religious march.  I took a few pictures from the car.  Sorry, a couple of them are blurry.  It's a quick, undetected snap of the camera, so no time to focus.
As a side note, look at all of our stickers on the windshield.  We are current in everything, insurance, inspection, taxes and registration.  We pass by (or swerve around) the police with a smile and hope they don't find anything else we are missing.  Oh, the fire extinguisher is under the seat and our visas are up-to-date.

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