Sunday, August 25, 2013


We held a baptism of 9 yesterday.  The Missionaries continue to work hard and teach people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is wonderful to see people gain a testimony and be baptized.  There was a problem with paying the water bill, so the water meter was removed.  We hired a truck ($200) and had the baptismal font filled.  It would have disappointed many people if we would have had to cancel the baptism.

There were so many people at the baptism, some of the Elders had to peek in through the windows in the back.


  1. Thank you for sharing these amazing experiences with us! You are both so wonderful. Love, Sister Masse'

  2. So happy to see all those smiling faces in white baptismal clothes! Thanks for all your service to the missionaries and the people in Yaounde'!

  3. Love love love the pictures! Thanks you so much for sharing. Sheira Leavitt