Monday, August 5, 2013

Farewell Elder McGrath

We had a "farewell" dinner for Elder McGrath tonight.  He chose Chinese Chicken Salad and Root beer Floats.  We can find Root beer sometimes at the "American Store".  It is a tiny little store about 2 aisles big and just full of odds and ends.  When we find Root beer  we usually buy all they have.  We ate and played games and then did our traditional hugging goodbye - well, they hug and I take pictures.  We will miss Elder McGrath.  He is such a good Elder and gets along well with everyone.
These pictures are funny.  I better explain the game we were playing.  They were drawing on each other's back, and passing it up the line. Then the front person would draw it on a piece of paper.

We usually form two lines, then the departing Elder walks down the line hugging and shaking hands.  They usually get a little "carried" away.

I found these two in the kitchen cleaning up.
Thank you Elder Zurcher and Elder Leavitt.

Isn't he looking sharp!!

Goodbye Elder McGrath.  We will miss you.
 (you can just barely make him out on the escalator)  I was worried that policeman was going to come over and take my camera away.  Yikes!

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  1. Thank you for taking such good care of our boys - I know it has brought peace to me knowing you are there. We are looking forward to seeing Elder McGrath in just a few short days!