Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"High On A Mountain Top" - again

We visited Mt. Febe' for P-Day with our 10 Elders.  Mt. Febe' is where Elder Jeffrey R. Holland dedicated the land of Cameroon.  It's close to our apartment, so we can get there pretty fast.  We took 2 trips up, but on the way back, we piled all 12 of us in the van.  We review the dedicatory prayer and sing "High On a Mountain Top".  Then we had ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch.  It's a nice outing.  We do it when we have a new set of Elders.  I think there were a couple still who had done it before.  Enjoy the pictures!
Ekounou Elders
Bastos Elders
We love these Elders!


  1. These pictures made me laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing them :)

    And thank you for watching over our sons--it's such a comfort to this mom to know both of you are there for them!

  2. I was just referred to your blog page via Jayne Garner and my mom. Thank you so much for taking great pictures and documenting your journey. Thank you for serving and taking good care of my boy.