Monday, September 2, 2013

Preparing for Elder Cook's Visit - Haircuts

We did haircuts today, in preparation of President and Elder Cook's visit this week.  They are doing a "Mission Tour" with their wives.  It will take them two weeks to visit the Mission. They will be here 3 days.  They really do have a grueling schedule.  So, today, we did haircuts.  I just wish our water would have been on.  Each of the Elders received 1 bottle of water to rinse their shampoo'd hair.  We just continue to move forward with our daily chores. In the past 2 weeks, we have only had water on 4 days.  We are grateful for those days so that we can replenish our water supply and also catch up on the laundry.  Enjoy the pictures! These are some of our newest Elders.  Now I wish I would have taken all 10 Elder's pictures.
Elder Roth
Elder Naughton
Elder Hunt
I should have done a before and after on a few of them.  Some of them went quite a bit shorter, like Elder Hatch.  He is 6' 6" and said his hair gets messed up when he gets in a taxi, because it rubs on the top of the taxi. I don't think he will have any more problems.


  1. Wow! That's pretty short. Gotta love Elder Hatch :) Thanks for taking such good care of my boy!

  2. That's Quite the pose from Elder Hatch - and a great haircut.

  3. Its so great to see them smiling and happy! Thank you for being the 'mom'!