Sunday, March 10, 2013

Celebration Dinner

A couple of our Elders called and wanted to buy steaks to celebrate their 1 year mark.  They wanted us to cook them, but we had a better idea.  Let's all go out and have steak.  Of course, we had to invite all 10 of them.  We found a reason to celebrate for most of us, which included our 38 year anniversary!!  We enjoyed celebrating it with our 10 "sons" and they were most grateful.  

I'll try to explain a funny thing that happened.  I wanted to take my leftover steak home, so I tried to tell the waiter that I wanted to "take it away".  The waiter didn't understand, so I asked Elder McGrath to tell him in French.  Sure enough, the waiter picked up my plate and started to pile other plates on top of it.  Elder Davis, who was watching the whole time said, "That's not coming back".  Elder McGrath said, "Oh, I just thought you wanted him to 'take it away'.  I didn't know you wanted to take it home."  So, even our English gets misinterpreted.   I now know to say, "S'il vous plaît permettez-moi de profiter de cette maison."  That should get me my leftovers.  


  1. This is Elder Hatch's grandpa (he calls me Papa). I'm thankful you are there as a resource for him and the rest of the missionaries. We served a mission in South Africa in the Johannesburg mission office. We got to meet a lot of young men while there and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Hope you are enjoying your time as well. Pres. Jameson was my stake pres. in the distant past and we still keep in touch (sort of).

    Thanks again for taking care of Elder Hatch and the others.