Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Day of the Women"

Even some of the little girls had a dress.
I wish I could have gotten closer.
Today was the "National Day of the Woman".  All the women buy the same material and they all make their own style of dress.  I saw a parade on the t.v. when we were visiting the dentist's office with one of our Elders, so I think they all meet and march in a parade.  We saw them at several gatherings.  I tried to get some
discreet shots.

This is one of my piano students.  Their dresses were made of pink or blue.  

Here is Elder Davis with his companion, Elder Rakotoarisoa.  Elder Rako just had his wisdom teeth out.  That was the reason we were out on the street and saw all these women.  We were picking him up to take him home to rest.

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  1. Wow, that is fascinating that they all make themselves a dress. What an interesting place!!