Thursday, March 21, 2013

Relief Society Birthday - Handball

The Relief Society Sisters planned an activity each day this week.  Monday was an "Open House" to let people know about the Relief Society.  The walls were covered with projects the Sisters had done this year. Wednesday was a talk on the Church's stand on "Violence Against Women".  Today was a "Handball" game.  So, picture water polo on cement.  That was pretty much the jest of it.  I surprised them when they asked if I was going to play and I said yes.  One of the Branch Presidents told me that I needed to wear shorts, but I assured them I would be just fine in my skirt.  Here are some pictures and a little video that Elder Whitesides was able to take.  He would rather have been playing, but they told him he was there to "spectate".

Notice our "pennies" are Helping Hands vests.

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  1. That's so cool that you played too Terri! That's one of things I love most about you...that you'll participate in anything. You are so fun!