Monday, March 25, 2013

Relief Society Birthday Party

Saturday was a culmination of the week of events.  There were about 150 people there - many investigators.  They had asked me to make a cake, so I brought 2.  Very few have ovens, so my 2 cakes had to go a long way. They had skits, songs and dancing.  Afterwards, they fed everyone.  Some of the food looked a little scary. We were grateful for the rice and chicken that we could recognize.  I also like the plantains.

These Sisters acted out the "Good Samaritan".

This little girl sat by us.  She wanted my camera, so I finally took her picture.  I'm not sure she was happy about that!

I loved the African dancing.  The girl in the back left is one of my piano students.   The one in the middle is one of the Relief Society Presidents.  She wants to cook African food for us one day.

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