Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Douala Zone Conference

President Jameson asked us to travel to Douala for a combined Zone Conference.  We decided it would be easiest to take the 4 hour bus ride with all 10 Elders.  We bought our round trip tickets and set out for Douala.  We had a nice ride, which started out with the police pulling the bus over and checking our ID's.  Thankfully, Elder Whitesides keeps everyone's visas and carte de sejours up to date.  Everyone had their ID's with them, so we were all fine.  We did have an extra lunch and $10 ready, just in case.  Enjoy the pictures!

I packed lunches for all of us.  These containers came in handy.

The Bus Station.  We parked our car down that hill in the parking lot.  $2 a day.

We passed through several little towns.  They are always selling things along the way.   It's mango season - yummy!

We arrived safely and our Elders split and went to the 2 Douala Elders apartments.  The Gaileys picked us up and we stayed at their apartment.  President and Sister Jameson stayed at a hotel when they arrived.  Once we went home on Saturday, they moved into the Gailey's apartment.  Sister Gailey fed all 24 of us a delicious lunch for Zone Conference in her apartment.  President Jameson did interviews with the Elders and then we had Zone Conference on Saturday morning.

We "crammed" 7 Elders in the back of Elder Gailey's truck on the way to the bus station.  Thank goodness it wasn't very far.  We had to wait at the bus station for 1 1/2 hours until the next bus.  We arrived home on Saturday night.  It was a great adventure.  The next day was Mother's Day, so the Elders came back to make their Mother's Day calls.  I cooked them "roast", potatoes and gravy.  
Happy Mother's Day!  (Elder Johnston and Elder Hatch were in the other rooms Skyping)

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