Sunday, May 5, 2013

Zone Conference - May 2013

We had Zone Conference yesterday.  It's always fun to get together with our Elders.  We are always impressed with their testimonies and dedication to the work.  Here are a few pictures.
They are always eager to help in the kitchen.  Elder Davis is making Koolaid - thanks to  my sister Shellee for sending it to us.

Elder Rambeloson and Elder Hoiland are filling the water bottles.  We use a filter on our tap to purify out water.  Elder Hoiland is noticing that our tap doesn't have much pressure.  Oh for the conveniences of home.

Elder Whitesides showing them some pictures on his computer.

Our Zone Leaders, Elder McGrath and Elder Addington

Elder Johnston and Elder Davis - "pondering"

Happy "Cinco De Mayo".  We served pulled pork sandwiches, lime rice, mango salsa, guacamole and fried ice cream for dessert.  Thanks to our daughter-in-law, Jamie for the yummy "Fried Ice Cream" recipe.  It was a hit.

It seems funny to tell you our menu, but if you could follow me in the process, you would see that it isn't easy.  We have to go to the street market and buy 22 tomatoes, 14 avocados, 5 onions, 10 mangoes, 5 limes and 4 hot peppers (pima).  Then try to order 3 pork roast in French at Mahima, the Lebanese store we like to shop at, because they only have 1 roast in the display case.  It takes about 45 minutes for them to cut them up.  Take everything home and cook the pork roasts for 4 hours one day, then shred and add the sauces and cook another 3 hours on simmer - if you can get the stove adjusted that low.  Don't forget to wash all the veggies in Clorox water before they go in the fridge.  Then visit the Boulangerie (Bakery) to buy the baguettes.     

It is worth it all when we see all the food disappear and the happy faces on all the Elders as we send them out the door with full stomachs.  

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